Tuesday, January 2, 2018

5 and 2

Each year Evan's understanding of birthdays and holidays grows. All prior to his birthday he kept asking if it was his birthday yet, and when would he be 5? When his birthday finally came, he woke up and came into our room. "Happy birthday, Evan! It's your birthday today!" 

"Am I 5 now?" YES!

Evan had a train party this year. We took one of his besties on a 45-minute "train" (light rail) ride around town. Then we headed to a train-themed park for some train food, cake, painting wooden trains, and giant bubbles with more friends and family. 

For Sethy boy, we had two friends over to celebrate him turning 2 by playing with his favorite things--BALLS!! We set out a ball pit and water beads and had doughnuts and melon balls. The boys jumped on the trampoline with big balls. 

He jumps in his crib when he wakes up and before he falls asleep at night, but he always goes right to bed for naps. Isaiah often gets him out of his crib in the morning, and then he comes to my side of the bed and asks for cereal. He loves dinosaur egg oatmeal and cereal for breakfast and is usually starving in the morning because he doesn't eat much dinner. He is good at playing on his own, often preferring toys to TV (thank goodness!) He sneaks snacks from the pantry all the time. He has become adept at moving his stool wherever he needs to reach something higher. He always brings phones, computers, and remotes to whichever parent they belong to. He hates having his clothes off. He'll say, "Dressed! My dressed!" if his pants are off. He is the first to find his shoes (and everyone else's shoes) when it's time to go somewhere. "I do it myself" is his motto. Doesn't matter if he CAN'T do it. He'll insist on doing it anyway. If he messes up he gets mad. I have a feeling he is going to accomplish a lot through his stubbornness and perfectionism. He won't eat chunks in his yogurt. He asks for a million drinks of water before bed. He no longer sits still, meaning he no longer gets to go grocery shopping with me and we spend Sacrament meeting in the hallways. He loves me to "hold you." He usually picks Mama when he needs consolation. He is scared of the dark.
Some funny things he says are: ga heep (basketball hoop), bah gij tuck (garbage truck), kitchen (chicken), how 'bout... fish cake?, Can I come?, uhbucka high (up high), luh loo (love you)

Seth has an obvious influence on his big brother. Evan has picked up some of Seth's funny words--he talks to Seth in their own toddler way. He falls asleep despite Seth's jumping, talking, and singing. He also adores cereal and dinosaur egg oatmeal. He is particular about his hair combing--the bigger the wave, the better. He would watch tv all day if I let him, but he always asks permission. He wants me to watch him do everything. "Look, mom!" He challenges me to guess what he's drawn (on paper or his new favorite--Etch a Sketch). I pretty much never guess right. I blame him. He would almost always prefer his "gray shoes but not the ones with my braces," but he puts up with his braces well. He stays in the bath about 4 times longer than Seth lasts and can wash his own hair now. With our new van, he loves opening and closing his own door. He repeats himself a lot and asks the same questions on repeat all day. He's got my temper, though we're both really working on it. He loves to boss around Seth. He likes being my helper--in the kitchen, with cleaning, watching shows, anything. He would rather clean with me than play with toys by himself. He hates doing anything by himself and can't stand being in a room alone.

Monday, January 1, 2018

December 2017

Once November 1st hit, I planned out our entire month of December. Yes, one month ahead. I've found the past few years that when I try to plan things in December it stresses me out and we end up not doing everything I want. I loved this December. I did everything I wanted to and more. The boys are the perfect ages to enjoy Christmas and all the activities.

The Christmas Train!! Our train was a huge hit this year. Seth obsessed over pushing the buttons on and off. Both boys would sit by the train for half an hour, humming all the songs over and over again. Seth only took the train off the tracks a handful of times. It was totally worth it to save the presents and ornaments which amazingly remained basically untouched all through December.

There were only two kids at the entire ward party who did not want to sit on Santa's lap... mine. Evan later said, "He looked new..." After some questioning I figured out he meant "different." Evan was unsure about sitting on his lap because he was more of a Father Christmas type and didn't look like the Santa he was accustomed to. (Not like that really would have made a difference...)

Candy Cane Lane in Vacaville
Home Depot gingerbread house building

Park playgroup every Monday
"Dear Santa, I've been a good boy this year. I would like: I keem (ice cream), dino zeer-al (dinosaur cereal), A cha ga (I am a child of God), more i keem! (more ice cream). Thank you! I love you! Seth

Letters to Santa
One day, when I had an extremely tine-sensitive engagement, Isaiah accidentally took both boys' car seats to work in his car. So... Evan sat on a pillow and Seth used his infant car seat. Please don't call CPS on me.

Evan got to play a wise man for our ward's primary nativity reenactment. The nativity play goes along with the Stake Nativity Festival, a 3-day massive nativity display at the church. I helped set up one of the rooms this year with the theme, "What is your Nativity?" We tied in the classic nativities  and Christ's pedigrees with family history pictures/books.

I don't usually get to see Evan with his friends at school because he takes the bus. But there were a few super busy days last month where we ran errands all morning and I took him straight to school. He's so cute there in the back.

New van! (This is not a pregnancy announcement.)
Evan failed his eye test at the pediatrician several months ago. Because of that, and just because he has hydrocephalus which can affect his eyes, we took him to a routine eye exam. He did great! The doctor said he wished his eyes were as good as Evan's. He said Evan may be a bit far sighted right now (about 20/25 in both eyes), but that's pretty typical for his age. And he tested poorly on the depth perception but that may also be related to his maturity. He was given glasses to wear after they dilated his eyes. I sent him on the bus with the glasses and sent a text to his teacher asking her to help him wear them while he's outside. When he came home he told me he kept them on the entire time at school. His bus driver called him "Hollywood".

Preschool 2017-18

Christmas baking day(s) this year consisted of: 4 batches of cinnamon rolls, homemade oreos, white chocolate cranberry cookies, chocolate fudge, apple pie fudge, corn flake wreaths, and these pretzel kiss candies that the boys made.

Isaiah got a chainsaw for his birthday and immediately commenced his winter pruning. He's just itching to chop down the tree in the front yard.

Uncle Josh decided to join us Christmas morning so Evan made him a stocking. What a surprise that Santa knew he would be there and had a few presents for him under the tree. We were so lucky to see Santa Christmas morning! We spied on him as he brought in a few last presents and ate his cookies/egg nog. He said Evan needs to eat his vegetables like the doctor told him. Isaiah only caught Santa on video for a second..."Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!" And he brought light sabers!

November 2017

Evan has year-round school so he gets November off school. I try to plan a few outings when he's off school so we don't all drive each other crazy from the lack of alone time/SPACE. I need space.

The boys and I spent one day at one of my favorite places, Apple Hill. Our first stop was hot apple doughnuts at High Hill Ranch. We ate them by the pond, then walked through the orchard. Then we went to Fudge Factory Farm and played on their playground stuff--and ate fudge, of course. Evan got a pony ride (Seth wouldn't dare). Both boys panned for gems at [some farm I don't remember the name of] and we went on a little nature walk there. Then we got the spiral apple slinky at Denver Dan's and brought home a Dutch apple pie for Thanksgiving. It was a perfect Apple Hill day!

Ever since Evan got rain boots for his birthday he was dying for the day when there would be enough rain to make puddles. When it finally happened he was in rain puddle heaven! I sat under an umbrella in awe at his enjoyment. He went inside soaked almost to his waist, but he didn't care at all. Nothing a little hot chocolate can't warm up!

Seth's vocabulary blows my mind. He learns songs and words so fast.

But sometimes I look at Seth and think, "You're still such a baby!"

We spent Thanksgiving with Isaiah's family in Esparto and paired our festivities with Seth's birthday celebration, hence the pinata. His grandparents got him a little bike so we were able to walk off our feast prior to dessert. Grandpa Hudson made all the food. It was pretty amazing to relax in the morning, watch the Macy's parade on TV, and then show up to a feast of delicious food I didn't have to make at a house I didn't have to clean. I was spoiled.

We went to Old Sac the day after Thanksgiving for a little light show and telling of Twas the Night Before Christmas. We parked across the river at Dada's work and walked across the bridge. Santa came and had a light war with Jack Frost. It was a cool intro to the Christmas season. The train went by at the end of the show and the boys really struggled to pose for a nice picture because they were busy plugging their ears for the train whistle. They liked it all, though.