Friday, May 29, 2015

May 2015

It's been a month or so of non-blog-worthy events that I have very little to say about.

Evan got a baby
"Nikki Runs 4 Me" Wall

Playdate with Jo Jo

Something a little bit interesting is that Evan got his new AFOs and twister cables two weeks ago. AFO, meaning ankle foot orthotic. This provides ankle support which has immensely helped his balance. (He can stand on his own!) Twister cable, meaning belt attached to cable attached to shoes, worn over the AFOs, used to turn his feet out from their typical "pigeon-toe" position. They are not hard to put on, but they do take some time--lots of straps and loops and velcro. They don't seem to be uncomfortable for Evan, but they are a bit of a niusance for crawling or playing on his knees since the cable is bendable but stiff. To play with toys he has to lay on his stomach or sit. (Which, I reluctantly admit, is a good thing for his hip and leg positioning. It just looks sad.) They are the first braces I've ever felt like were actually benefiting Evan, so as annoying as they might be sometimes, we'll suck it up and hopefully be able to one day reap the reward of straight feet!!