Tuesday, June 14, 2016

May 2016

Cosumnes River Preserve 

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That eyebrow, though...
 Family Home Evening River Walk

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Memorial Day

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Seth letting somebody besides mom and dad hold him for more than 2 minutes

Saturday, June 4, 2016

San Fran Check-Up

Evan's 6-month (which turned into 1 year) check-up at UCSF in April was a success on multiple fronts.

1. We survived the car ride. Both ways.

2. Evan had an important bladder study done.

3. Evan got good reviews from all the doctors and referrals for additional therapy and new braces/twister cables.

 UCSF's new children's hospital is awesome. Designed with kids in mind, for sure. When we first arrived we found a room to feed Seth on the 2nd floor, which is the surgery floor. While Evan and Grandma waited, the super nice receptionist lady gave him a box of cars that he played with on this awesome airplane bench. Evan also found an exciting spinning globe thing. The second time we went up there the super nice lady gave us a bag of snacks and lunch items put together by volunteers for the kids at the hospital. While it's obviously far from ideal to be in the hospital for any reason, they sure do try to spoil you while you're there.

 Evan's first appointment was a bladder study. I had talked to him about it a bit beforehand to prepare him mentally for it. It's a fairly invasive and uncomfortable procedure used to determine how his bladder behaves. We wanted to have it done to provide us information to know how to move forward with potty training. We got the information we needed and now we have a plan for him. He was a rockstar during the procedure. I brought lots of treats and prizes for him.

 We had a long lunch break with good ol' UCSF cafeteria food. Because obviously I've missed eating there. We took a walk outside and played on the grassy hill and climbed around to release energy before going to clinic. The new hospital is right next to AT&T park (where the Giants play) and you can see in this picture how close we are to downtown San Francisco.

We may have done too good of a job using up our energy. 

By the time we were called back for clinic--doctors/specialists who rotate around to your room--we were so exhausted that we felt the need to fall on the ground, crying, and we required dragging into the room while tears were shed and nurses rushed in with comforting toys and the clinic coordinator had to ask what in the world was going on. We laid Evan on the exam table and he fell right asleep while I talked to the doctors. The physical therapist eventually had to wake him up to observe him in action. We woke him up by saying, "Evan, can we see how high you can jump and how fast you can run?" And he popped up and said, "Yeah!" and was up to show-off his skills like none of the drama had ever happened. He got more treats and prizes.