Friends with Spina Bifida

One thing I really want people to understand about Spina Bifida is that it does NOT describe a person. It's a diagnosis, yes, but it really doesn't tell you that much about an individual. Not only do people with Spina Bifida have a large range of ability levels but they also have unique personalities and lifestyles--you know, like everybody else in the world. Because of that, one of my favorite things to do is read other SB mom blogs (some dads post, too, I guess) to learn about individuals who happen to have Spina Bifida. Some of their stories have similarities to mine, but all of their stories are unique.

Here are just a few links to my friends with Spina Bifida who I've learned about so far:

Davey & Maggie
Get Used to the Stairs
Lance, Nicole, and Jacob
Ruth's Story
Choo Choos and TuTus
Weir Together Forever
Beyond Measure
A Worthy Journey
Andrew's Journey


  1. I and my daughter suffers from spina bifida. We are living in Turkey.
    We also have problems in orthopedic and urologic.
    I wish you all heathful. We also have a forum on our website.

  2. I am an adult living-- and thriving with spina bifida. I'm also a blogger by trade. I'd love to connect with you! My blog is :)


  3. I am an adult living with spina bifida, recently I decided to blog about my journey. My blog is

    Best Regards

  4. Thanks for including Caleb! We love our online SB family. :)

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  6. I am a 43year old female with Spina Bifida. I use a wheelchair and in my young days I used to use braces and crutches. i dont let anything get me down. I live with my boyfriend who has kidney failure. we have been together 16 years. we have 5 dogs and 2 cats. I used to be a people greeter at 2 different walmarts. I had to quit December 20,2014 because my doctor told me i had thinning bones and i felt like i had to tiptoe around myself. So now I am a stay at home mom to my FURKIDS and i wouldnt change anything for the world. I do the get paid to do surveys and i also have a website on facebook cindy fox and a page called petclouds by cindy. i make dog beds to sell. i enjoy crafts and meeting new people

  7. i'm a 20 year old female with spina bifida. i use callipers and crutches to move around. eventough i face challenges every single day but that doesn't stop me from achieving success in life. i have great parents and friends who support me in every phase of my life. in life, we human beings are always given 2 choices by god, which is to be angry with what we don't have or to be grateful for what we do have. i have decided to go for the second choice. god created me in this way for a purpose. i will definitely find out what the purpose is. i'm going to join university to study degree end of this year. very soon i'm going to create a blog to share my story.

  8. ilike your enthusiasm and great goals. I too have Spina Bifida and would like to meet more people with this. I am on facebook under Cindy Fox if anyone with this wants to friend me.

  9. I have one more blog to add.

    It's about Spina Bifida too.