Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Jelly Bellies and Brains

Fairfield, CA is home to one of two Jelly Belly factory visitor centers in the U.S. We took Evan for the walking tour which included samples of Jelly Bellies in all their stages--middles only, pre-finishing, and finished products, of course! The newest Jelly Belly flavor is tabasco. It's nasty. They also have chocolate dips, soda flavors, and the crazy flavors like lawn clippings and stinky socks. The tour walks you around (above) the factory where you watch movies about the Jelly Belly-making process and wave to the workers. They have Jelly Belly murals of famous people like Ronald Reagan who loved Jelly Bellies. The visitor center has a sample bar with all the flavors and a fudge sample station, too. They also sell Belly Flops which are the mistakes--too small, too big, doubles, etc...

I also found Evan's MRI pictures of his brain and spine. I can only get one good one for now but I'll keep trying to post more clear ones of his heterotopia. He's such a cute little alien! Seriously, though, isn't this cool?

Monday, September 2, 2013

Sitting Up

We finally pulled out the "fancy" camera (rather than the iphone or ipad) and had an impromptu photo shoot to celebrate Evan learning how to sit up on his own. Woohoo! My favorite thing is that Evan is wearing Maya's old Sponge Bob shirt. She was obsessed with Sponge Bob. Evan has never seen so much as a second of Sponge Bob and I'm hoping to keep it that way. And you better bet I was jumping around, throwing things, and making noises behind Isaiah to get these smiles.