Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Toddler Time

Evan Michael Hudson, 16 months

Hello $2 Barney shoes from D.I.

Evan's 3rd or 4th haircut (1st in a salon)
Evan is going through one of those not eating/throw food on the floor phases that many toddlers go through. It's okay, though. I'm not the kind of mom who freaks out and worries and goes crazy and gets upset. I can handle this....okay, I'm lying. It's driving me nuts--definitely testing my patience more than he ever has before. Not so much the not eating part, since he's got plenty of chub and I know he'll eat when he wants to, but the throwing food when he doesn't want it just irks me so bad. It's pretty much the first time we've had to tell Evan "no." (deep breath) I can do this.

A few different people have told me, "He's such a toddler...carrying his car everywhere." "He's such a toddler...chasing balls." "He's such a toddler!" It surprises me because as long as I'm changing diapers, feeding bottles, and watching him crawl around, I think of him as a baby. However, over the past week or so I've noticed a huge jump in his communication and also in his mobility. Between that and his temper tantrums he's feeling more like a toddler to me. He learned his 2nd sign--"food". He took 4 steps cruising along the couch yesterday. He can point with one finger now so I can ask about pictures in a book and he can point to show his comprehension. So far his verbal words are "a", "e", and "uh" so it is thrilling to learn how many things he can identify by pointing.

Some words Evan seems to know, at least the majority of the time:
stand up

AND...this is my 100th post on the blog! I wish I could celebrate by doing some exciting give-away or something but I wouldn't even know where to start nor do I have anything to give away. Thanks for reading anyway.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

February 10, 2014

Jace and Tasha are having another baby in August! The baby will be Evan's first younger cousin and he certainly looks forward to leading the way and showing the ropes to this young'un.

Lyndon and Chelsie's adoption profile is live HERE! These two are already the best parents. I can't imagine how much better they'll be when have children. They work so hard to prepare their house and their family and themselves in every way possible to be ready for their children and they deserve the best whenever God is ready to give it to them and in whatever way He wants it to happen.

My dad is going in for heart valve repair surgery on Wednesday. After a long day of evaluations he reported, " They calculated that my heart is operating at about 40% efficiency, with 60% of the blood regurgitating backwards through the leaky valve.  They see me as an ideal candidate for a very necessary valve repair surgery.  (On a scale of 1-4 with 4 being the worst case, I am a 4+.)"  He says his heart will be fixed just in time for Valentine's Day....

...which in our family happened last Friday to avoid the crowds. Isaiah and I took our sweetheart, Evan, out to eat at Outback for delicious food and desserts. Then we went to a pet store to look at the birds and fishies and doggies and guinea pigs and reptiles. Loved it.

Evan and Isaiah are pretty much my only friends, but even if they weren't they'd both still be my best friends. Evan is so fun to adventure with.

Unfortunately for me, Evan's favorite channel is the rolling TV guide that plays country/western music. He could dance to this music all day if I could stand it. I typically only last a few minutes listening to that stuff.

We borrowed Mr. Caterpillar from the toy library
Evan had to try out all the walkers before we bought one for him. He's a little big for them--I guess they don't make walkers for 16-month olds--but he can still benefit from the practice.
Evan LOVES pillows. He also has two books with sound buttons that he loves to push over and over.
Evan's other newest obsession is remotes. He's learned how to crawl around with two remotes in his hand. And don't even think about taking it away from him. Tantrum mania! Of course we've given him his own remote so he doesn't have to take Grandpa's. He also loves playing peek-a-boo in any form he can. He usually uses his arm to cover his eyes and then peek out, but sometimes he just turns his head bashfully and ducks his eyes downward, thinking we can't see him that way. He cracks me up. 

Monday, February 3, 2014

Family Reunion 2013

We went to Utah for Christmas to be with my parents and siblings and niece. With Jace and Lyndon and their families moving out of state for PhD programs, Nate going on an LDS mission in Bulgaria, and me and Isaiah moving to California, we haven't all been together for a few years. We have cousins who live in a beautiful house mansion in Alpine. While they vacationed in Vegas they loaned us their sweet digs which comfortably housed all 12 of us for our mini-reunion. There was a little bit of basketball, wallyball, eating out, Just Dance, bowl games, junk food, babies, family pictures, sharing germs, board games, card games, presents...you name it. One highlight involved a family meeting where we all found out what my dad actually does for "work". Here's some other highlights:
Evan and Uncle Lyndon, male-bonding over cars

Nate (21), Austin (18)
(At first I put "Nate (19)"...then I had to think about that for a while. They grow up so quickly!)
"Touchdown, Evan!" Photo compliments to @austinavongarrett
Evan must've blinked. He was not sleeping.
Out to eat at Chili's
Bulgaria souvenirs! 
Evan and cousin Aisley                            
On the way there we split the trip in two and stayed in a hotel in...somewhere. (I don't remember at the moment.) On the way home we drove all the way straight. By Reno, Evan was DONE. We took a break at Subway and walked through Scheels, thinking it would let out some energy and give us all a boost for the rest of the drive. Nope. Evan was pretty upset the remaining 3 hours. It was a nice stop anyway.

This picture would've been a lot cuter if Evan would've cooperated and sat in the jeep by himself.