Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Nate, Caitlyn, and Austin came to visit us!

Uncle Austin came home from his mission in Mexico last month. We would've loved to be there to welcome him home, but having him come to us was WAY easier than packing up the kids and going to Utah. We collaborated to create a tour of Northern California for all of us. Prepare to be amazed at the amount of family pictures we got. Thanks, Austin.

We shortened their Day 1 drive by meeting them at Lake Tahoe and staying at Isaiah's friend's house for the night. On Wednesday we hiked the Rubicon trail which provides a beautiful view of the lake while hiking. Highlights of the hike included interesting boulders, an old lighthouse, and two love-birds who held hands in the back most of the time. I had Seth in a baby carrier and Isaiah (with Austin's help at some points) pushed Evan in the stroller. The ranger at the head of the trail told us flat out that we would not be able to take the stroller on the trial. We enjoyed proving her wrong.

In the afternoon we spent some time at the beach. It was cold water. I stayed on the beach with the children. Between forcing Evan to sit and play with his bucket and shovel and *gasp!* TOUCH THE SAND!, and holding Seth back from grabbing and eating all the sand, I managed to catch glimpses of Isaiah and Austin jumping off the dock into the water and Nate and Caitlyn swimming around. Later on, while throwing the aerobie with Isaiah and Austin in the grass, Evan got stung by a yellow jacket right above his lip. He and Seth both crashed on the way home. I love sleeping kids in the car.

On Thursday, the out-of-towners ventured out on their own to San Francisco while Evan had his first day of preschool (year 2 in the 3-year old class). They did the touristy things that I've never done like Fisherman's Wharf, Pier 39, Ghiradelli Square, China Town, and the Exploratorium.

Friday was our Sacramento day. We sent the tourists to the Sacramento temple to do a morning session. Evan, Seth, and I would join them for lunch on the temple grounds afterwards, followed by a trip to Lake Natoma to kayak and stand-up paddle board. Those plans would have been awesome if the temple was actually open...

The boys and I sped on over once we were reminded of the temple closure (I'm still kicking myself for not remembering), and the remainder of the plans went smoothly. We played on the beach and watched Nate, Caitlyn, and Austin rotate on the kayak and stand-up paddle board. They were all really talented! Once again, Seth loved eating the sand and rocks.

Friday night was the first time we got around to our classic family game-playing and treat-eating. Boggle, Balderdash, ice cream. Most nights we were tired, got home late, or chose to watch the Olympics.

Saturday was San Francisco Part II, complete with Golden Gate Bridge pictures, fog, Point Bonita lighthouse hike, ocean/beach time, and Muir Woods, all prefaced with a pit stop at the Jelly Belly Factory.

Photo cred: Evan

I dare you to try taking away this kid's aerobie

Can you see why I get these two mixed up all the time?
Look at that adorable baby-wearing daddy

Evan's view from the stroller