Thursday, April 11, 2013

SB Mom

You know you’re a Spina Bifida mom when…
  • Your child thinks tape measurers belong wrapped around his head
  • Your daughter tries to cath her doll
  • You open your purse to get out your wallet and a catheter falls out
  • You read “Eight Silly Monkeys” and each time they fall off and bump their heads you wonder, “Is the doctor who Mama called a neurosurgeon?”
  • The entire “D” section of your phone’s contacts are Dr’s
  • The doctor says your child has tonsilities, a UTI, and fluid in his ears and you are RELIEVED because it's not shunt-related
  • You know more Neuroanatomy than a second year medical student
  •  You can interpret ultrasound results yourself while the tech is doing the scan

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