Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Can Do

A few days ago one of my cousins asked me, "So what kinds of things is Evan doing now?" I much preferred this question over the ones I typically get on a developmental questionnaire such as, "Can your child _________?" to which I frequently circle "Not yet."

Here's some of the more recent tricks Evan has learned and can do:
  • Sticking out his tongue
  • Scratching at surfaces in front of him
  • Making at least two distinct consonant sounds
  • Signaling hunger without crying
  • Waking up without crying
  • Bringing objects to his mouth
  • Eating some solids (including a whole green bean...oops)
  • Laughing from his gut
  • Reaching for bubbles
  • Reaching for himself in the mirror
  • Sitting forward-facing in the stroller
For family home evening last night we each made family flags--pictures of things we thought best represented our family. Evan was asleep so he made his flag this morning. Besides the marker in his mouth, behind his ear, and on several of his fingers (and the couch and his pants), I'd say his first art project was a success.



  1. What a cute little guy! Love the tongue poking out, he looks so mischievous.

    Re: the green bean, that's one of Aisley's favorite foods. She'll gnaw on whole green beans to the exclusion of everything else on her tray. Good stuff.

  2. Oh, Evie!! You are such a delight to anyone who knows you. Mama forgot to mention how you can make a grown woman weak in the knees and start to coo....at least that's the effect on grandma Hudson! Love you so much, Little Man!