Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Last Halloween we showed up at my parent's door with a 3 week old baby on oxygen.

We've come so far!

Yesterday Evan and I started a play group with a few families in our town. They bring their kids over for an hour or so and the kids play with toys while the mamas chat with each other. I think Evan was glad to be the only male among 4 darling little girls. (Next week there will be another family with 3 more girls!) He certainly needs to become better at socializing with other people and being less clingy with me.

Our ward had a trunk-or-treat at night where I made a little Charlie Brown scene to compliment Evan's costume. Yes, family, you read that correctly. I made that scene. All by myself. Artistically-challenged little Jenna drew it and colored it and cut it out. I was mighty proud of myself. I even made the mal-formed oak leaves. Okay, so I'm not perfect yet. Evan trunk-or-treated to a few cars and enjoyed his first real candies--Milky Way and Laffy Taffy and Smarties. He wouldn't drink his bottle at night.

Oh, and on the note of my newly-discovered artistic talent, yes, I carved this pumpkin. All by myself. Since the parts were so detailed they shrunk like crazy and looked terrible by Halloween night but it was fun while it lasted.

Now, cousin Aisley requested more pictures of Evan so these playtime action shots are for you, Aisley!

In that last picture you can see his beautiful fat lip, a true sign of a mobile child. :)

When we moved to California Evan was 9 months old. Just a few weeks before we moved he could not sit up, roll over, hold his bottle, or crawl. I know that kiddos with spina bifida often develop these skills slower than average, but Evan seemed to be even slower than the average kid with spina bifida. BUT--in just 4 short months since then he's learned how to do all those things! He feeds himself, sits up, rolls over, climbs up on things, and just two days ago started 4-point crawling most of the time. We're so excited! We've put some large decorative pillows all over the front room. Evan loves crawling to one pillow and then collapsing on top of it, arms spread out. Then he crawls to another pillow and crashes. And then he crawls onto me and crashes. It's fun to see him be so much more autonomous. I can better tell his preferences between food, toys, and activities.

He eats everything on the floor. I usually let him eat tiny pieces of junk but I pull away bigger pieces or things I know are the live spider he was poking around with his finger. "No, no Evan. That's yucky!"

If Evan sees his stroller, he has to get a ride. If I start walking away he throws a fit, which is slightly funny to me. I'm sure it will drive me crazy later on but for now I'm happy to know he has a working brain with opinions and a personality. He loves watching the stroller buckle get clipped into place and then he holds it like a belt buckle for the entire ride. We often walk circles around the inside of the house. Every day when Grandpa gets home he takes Evan on a stroller ride to check the mail. It's pretty much the only time Evan enjoys being with Grandpa. (Again, we need to work on the clingy-ness.)

It's funny how Evan thinks my name is "dadadadadada". I'm sure that's why he says "dada" and not "mama". He can also blow raspberries but that's about the extent of his vocabulary. Last time at speech he only made two vocalizations the entire hour. Still working on this.

We're also continuing to work on his hands. Sometimes when he crawls his hands are tucked in and sometimes they are spread out. Sometimes he can do things with just one hand but usually his other hand is squeezing or clenching to mimic the moving hand. It's so interesting to me to see this tiny human I created moving around.

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  1. Aisley will be delighted to see these tomorrow! Evan's costume was awesome--I am impressed. Yay for small people we can use to gather candy!