Sunday, December 8, 2013


Thanksgiving this year was the smallest one I've ever had. There were 6 people including Evan. No, not 6 families. Not 6 couples. Just 6 people. Isaiah's parents, brother, and then us three. It was also the warmest Thanksgiving ever. The leaves have finally changed color and occasionally I'm cold in the morning so I can finally tell it's fall, but it certainly doesn't feel like Thanksgiving or Christmas to me. I'm not holding my breath for snow. It's probably just not gonna happen. I'm having to do lots of Christmas-y things to help me feel a part of the holidays this year.

This weekend was the city creche festival. We went by the church last night to look at all of the nativity scenes that were set out. They have one room with a large manger scene for children (or adults, I guess) to dress up and be part of the nativity. Evan loves Baby Jesus. We've taught him a new trick where we ask, "Where's Jesus?" and he looks up at the picture on the wall in our family room. I think it was a little confusing to him to see so many Jesus' all around the church but I think he liked it.

On the day after Thanksgiving I invited over two of Dave's sisters and their families for a dessert party (leftover pie, of course). His cousins loved Evan. Can't blame 'em. I mean, just look at that face!

Here's a few more random pics of my little stud muffin.
For some reason Evan loves this picture of his Great-grandpa Mel. He always crawls over to it and points to Great-grandpa's face.

Following Dada's footsteps

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