Monday, March 17, 2014


Presenting....Evan the walker!

Cell phone in one hand, ipad in the other

This is pretty much what you get every day with Evan: Remote, dirty shirt, messy hair. 

Again, remote between the legs, reaching for the apple tv. He just can't have enough of his electronics.

Who wants to play with me in Utah this weekend?

Evan got his 49er's AFO's last Thursday. They don't fit. Well, they fit but they don't stay on. I haven't told the orthotist yet because I'm worried it means Evan will have to be serial casted to correct his clubbed feet. I think his feet are just a little too tight to stay in orthotics. I've thought a lot about it, though, and if the only reason we'd cast him is to fit in his braces (which it would be) and the only reason we're bracing him is to give him stability in his feet (which it is) and if shoes can fulfill that same purpose (which they do)... then maybe we'll just work on his standing in his shoes, since they actually stay on.

At 17-months old I can finally announce that my child will NOT be the 5-year old who still uses a bottle. I was honestly worried about this for a while. It took him 3 weeks to learn how to eat in the first place so when his pediatrician told us at 12-month appointment that we had 3 weeks to transition to a sippy cup/straw I thought "You're crazy." We had been trying various sippy cups for a while with no success. We received a lot of advice and practice equipment from Evan's speech therapist, also to no avail. One of the most frustrating truths about children was again biting us in the back: They'll learn when they're ready. Ugh. I'm rolling my eyes just thinking about that.

Well, we skipped the sippy cups and moved on to straws and practiced and stressed and practiced some more and now, 7 months later, I thrill each time Evan drinks from his little cup with a straw. 100% bottle-weaned, thank goodness.

We got our tax return. (Money in the BANK) Then we paid off Evan's hospital bills and debts. (No money in the bank). I'm so grateful that our church offers sound financial advice including making getting out of debt a priority. It feels great to have made that step towards financial independence.

Evan's current obsessions are remotes, windows, the country music station, mama holding him, walks, and cats. He also just discovered his belly button but cannot yet find it when his shirt is on.

And seriously, I'll be in Utah this weekend. Let me know if you want to play.

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  1. I want to play! In fact I think we're doing a cousin game night on Sunday...