Friday, April 11, 2014

Hold 'em Close

I held Evan close today for all the mamas and want-to-be-mamas who can't hold their babies tonight. There seems to have been a lot of that lately. Too much, from people too close to me. It kills me a little bit to post pictures and videos of the time I have with my son while hearts are breaking or broken for children who aren't around anymore...or yet. I think about these mamas all the time and they give me perspective I'd rather not have to gain through my own experiences. My prayers go out to all of you. You probably know who you are.

Let it be known, I cherished Evan today:

Cheerios, Life, and blueberry pancakes by the window
"But MOM...!!"

Our new water table--I'll post more on this later
And this is pretty much all the words Evan knows how to sign/say. He really does know touchdown, I guess he got camera shy for that one.


  1. You captured exactly what I've been thinking the past few days. We may even be thinking of the same family this particular week?

  2. BTW, Aisley and I loved the Evan video. Aisley kept saying, "Dad!" in imitation of Evan. And she loved the coloring pages from Evan, thanks for bringing a smile to her face after she had a rough day with bumps and bruises and diaper rashes.