Friday, October 31, 2014

Crescent City

Once upon a time my husband embarked on a job hunt. This hunt crossed states and required a move-in with the in-laws in California. It has involved hours of online searching, tests, applications, networking. The lady at the local post office now knows us by name and prays for us (probably because we take up so much of her time by mailing applications each week). Literally, hundreds of applications have gone into this hunt. I've applied for jobs for Isaiah. He's applied for jobs for himself. Friends have suggested jobs for him.

He still doesn't have a new job.

But that's why I'm writing this post now. Let it be known that my feelings are not conditional.

My husband is incredible. When Isaiah lost his job he showed so much strength and initiative. He instantly started searching for something new to make sure our family's financial needs would be met. He was willing to do any job that would meet our needs. As soon as we saw that wasn't going to happen in Utah, he found another solution. He willingly accepted a position in California that would take us to a location we never wanted to be in, working hours he would never have chosen for himself, and paying far below what we feel he deserves with his education and experience. After the first two days of work he said he felt like a slave and wanted to quit. He continued work and quickly became noticed by the head of the company as someone important. He advanced to a supervisor position (and a pay raise) and has excelled in his job, even making improvements in some of their systems and record-keeping. Even though it's not where he wants to work forever, he is putting 100% of his efforts into doing his best. He is so deserving of something better suited to his education and interests.

In the meantime, the applications have continued to be sent in. He's now had about 7 or 8 interviews around the state, ranging from Kern County to Avenal to Crescent City. He and I took advantage of his time off to go to Crescent City and made a little road trip out of it. We left Evan with the family and spent the better part of two days driving nearly to the Oregon border and back for a half hour interview. Let me tell you--Crescent City is an interesting place. (It's probably for the best that he did not get that job.) It's got ocean/lighthouses on one side and redwood forests on the other. It is isolated from anything else for an hour and a half in all directions. For that reason it has everything you need, but nothing more. (It has a Wal-Mart but no shopping mall.) We enjoyed the drive through the redwood forests and made a stop at one of the landmarks along the way--the Grandfather Tree!

I am hopeful that a new job opportunity will come our way when the timing is right and the location is where we need to be. Reluctantly I'll admit that our time here in Esparto has been full of learning and growth. Learning things I never wanted to know and growing in ways I never wanted to grow. But all of this has been for the better and I'm grateful for my husband who has strengthened our family along the way.

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