Thursday, March 3, 2016


Evan must have recently found a bottle of 3-year attitude and guzzled the entire thing. All of a sudden he's got sass, defiance ("I don't want to."), energy, curiosity ("But WHY?"), independence ("I want to do that!"), and even a little bit of wanting to be like other kids ("Bella has purple light-up shoes when she walks. I want light-up shoes too."). Today Evan wanted a lot of attention. I have a complex because I recognize that he needs to be more independent and I want that for him, but any time he is playing alone I feel so sad for him. Consequently I give him a lot of attention.

At the beginning of February, Seth had his baby blessing at church. He was blessed in the same outfit as Evan and all of my brothers. Our family came over after to watch the Superbowl and eat dinner.

Evan is still obsessed with Seth.

Every Monday we go to a park with some of my friends and their kids. Typically the kids run around on the playground while the mamas and babies (and Evan) sit on blankets and watch from the side. The past two weeks, however, Evan has been way more adventurous on the playgrounds. He climbs, jumps, slides, swings, and even runs around. I've actually had to look for him a few times because he has run off or gone to the other side of the playground. I love that he is becoming so proud and confident. He can step down curbs on his own now and can move across wood chips or grass without falling as much. He's been saying that his legs are tired more because he's been more active. He rarely complains about his braces and twister cables. I think he knows they help him balance. I'm trying to push the--it's hard, but I can do it--mentality, and he's really believing it. He often says things like, "It's hard to get up on the chair with my braces but I can do it."

Dancing is still a favorite activity. Here's the "Hokey Dokey," as he calls it. Mr. Cheesy smile obviously thought I was taking a picture rather than a video.

And here's his version of a Queen song.

Don't worry--Even with Evan's prominence in our family, Seth knows how to get his share of attention.

He's cute, loud, tiny, and apparently has very noticeable eyes. Pretty much everyone comments on them. They're not crazy or anything, are they?


  1. If they're crazy, they are the most ADORABLE crazy eyes ever!

  2. Ah, the Hudsons "grow" into their big heads and big eyes. Genetics!