Saturday, March 18, 2017


First, our laptop died. 
Then, I got called as Young Women's president.
Consequently, I made the big girl decision to (finally) get a smartphone.
Unfortunately, I couldn't figure out how to blog with pictures on my phone.
Finally, I gave up on blogging.
Recently, Isaiah got called as Bishop!
Consequently, we bought a new laptop.
Now, I can blog my pictures!!
Don't worry, I've been released as Young Women's president.

Here comes our last 6ish months in reverse order with minimal words as I attempt to catch up on the blog.

Evan got his 3rd tooth pulled. The roots were exposed through the gums from his original accident and the irritation finally got the best of us. 
Our furnace died for a couple days and we were grateful to live in a California winter and to have a fireplace.

Evan decided to have a seizure the day before our Christmas trip to Utah. A quick little ambulance ride, a few hours in the ER, no diagnosis, no further seizures.

Isaiah planted seed last fall, and we now have a beautiful, grassy backyard!

I passed a kidney stone.

Seth and Isaiah are twins.

Evan started 3-year old preschool, year 2 at a new school

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