Saturday, August 18, 2012

Beach Boardwalk

 My room is on the 15th floor of the UCSF Children's Hospital on a hill overlooking the lovely city of San Francisco. If I prop my bed all the way up I can see some of the buildings and the bay which is much nicer than the normal hospital room scenery. The 6th floor of the hospital is the pediatric floor. As of Thursday I have permission to get wheeled down daily to the 6th floor where there is an outdoor patio so I can get fresh air. It is so nice to get out of my bed, out of the bedroom, off of the Labor & Delivery floor, and out of the hospital. And it gets even better than that...
 On Friday the volunteer services group at the hospital put on a Beach Boardwalk party on the 6th floor patio. I had to explain that I actually was a patient at the Children's Hospital, but then they let me go to the party! I was given a lei and a Hawaiian print bag to collect my tickets. We were only there for the last 10 minutes so I only got 7 tickets but it was fun to get out and see the kids enjoying the party. Really, they deserved the party more than I did.

 Fishing for tickets
Mom: "You have to take a picture with the mermaid. Isaiah will love it!"

 Beach photo booth where my mom refused to wear the coconut bra
 We missed the big magic show so Mr. Magician gave us a private performance. He showed us card tricks, coin tricks, and then he read our minds.


  1. How fun. And party pooper Aunt Rebecca... Put on the coconut bra, Woman! :) jk... I probably wouldn't have either. :) And I want to know what the magician read in your minds. Did it go anything like, "Your shirt clashes with your vest and fanny packs are from the 1980's" ?? :) jk. I'm sure it was such a fun event. Glad you were able to get out for some fresh air. HUGS!!!!