Saturday, October 6, 2012

SF Baby Shower

All of the nicest ladies in the world live in the Sunset Ward in San Francisco. Knowing that I got "stuck" here in SF prior to having a real baby shower they threw me a baby shower here in my hospital room! **Keep in mind I didn't know any of these women prior to coming here for surgery 2 months ago. Since my room has limited space the shower was open-house style and it was complete with decorations and delicious food, all brought and prepared by these awesome ladies. The nurses found out we were having a shower so they requested a harpist to come entertain us while we were setting up. During the shower a 15-year old from the ward came with his mom and his cello and gave us another beautiful private serenade. This ward has shared their time, motherhood advice, and their love with me over the past 2 months and I could not be more grateful for being "stuck" in such a perfect place with such loving saints.

See the cute little poof ball hanging from the ceiling? There were 5 of them spread throughout the room.
There were labels and little "Baby Hudson" signs for all the food


  1. I love it, that is just about the sweetest, most awesome, wonderful, giving thing ever. I am glad for you and for those wonderful ladies.

  2. Ditto what Ellen said. The sweetness of this brings tears to my eyes.

  3. These ladies have been an answer a Father's prayer for a deserving Daughter of God.

  4. I've been reading your blog while I'm feeding Maggie in the early morning. I love it! This post is beautiful to see the service and caring of others. Thanks for sharing.