Sunday, September 30, 2012

I'm Still Pregnant

So I decided to not go into preterm labor yet. Here's some things I decided to do instead:

Get fatter
Visit with the inlaws (Dave and Maya and Yolanda)
Finish my 1000 (998) piece puzzle of Fenway Park (Thanks Isaiah!

Eat ice cream
Make paper dolls
Paint castles (Thanks Dixie and Summer!)
Roll my eyes as my mom takes my profile picture and stares at my stomach, waiting for it to move
More crafts :)
Count down the days...

I'm really not that anxious to end this pregnancy because I know it's better for Baby Hudson to stay inside me right now, but I do look forward to being reunited with Isaiah and having our family together--all 3 of us! Today the doctor told me that I'm scheduled in the books for delivery on...October 9th. Hmm...not what I was expecting, but what's new? This whole pregnancy has been surprises. So don't die when you haven't heard any news on the 7th or the 8th. We'll let you know as soon as baby comes. Besides, the longer he bakes the darker he gets (I hope).


  1. Jenna you are so close! But of course we want him to stay put till the 9th so he will keep growing. Can't wait till you can come back to Utah and be in your home with your little family. I hope we'll get to meet the little guy soon too!

  2. That is Jacob's birthday on the 9th. That is a good day. I admire the faith and strength you have shown throughout this whole experience. I know you are being blessed to be able to get through this and blessing others with your example. You are a wonderful lady! Our prayers are with you. :)

  3. As long as you're waiting anyway------more Ice cream!! That;s a Hudson family favorite---ice cream and mashed potatoes. Now if they would come up with mash potato flavored ice cream???? the Hudson would be in sheer delight!!!

    Love you Jenna-------hang onto the Little Man---we can't wait to love him in person!!

  4. So cute. Thanks for the pictures! Keep baking. Love ya, Ellen

  5. Those are interesting things you’ve done instead of going to your preterm labor. That’s what pregnant woman should do. It will help your body stay healthy and in good condition before your baby’s delivery. Congratulations to both of you Isaiah and Jenna.

    -Chelsea Leis