Wednesday, June 5, 2013


We've got forward motion!

I'd post a video but Evan's crawling is so slow and nearly imperceptible that I get bored filming it and you'd get bored watching it BUT...he does it!

Apparently most kids start with army crawling. Evan discovered a better way:
1) Lift up the head
2) Tuck in the knees
3) Lunge forward onto face
4) Repeat

He can go about 2 feet before getting tired.

Other progress of note includes:
  • Holding objects with entire hand
  • Holding objects with one hand
  • Picking up objects from the ground
  • "Self feeding" (shoving a spoon full of food into his face)
On the one hand I'm thrilled with the things I'm seeing Evan do. On the other hand I'm thinking, "It's about time!" Like how he's eight months old and can crawl but hasn't the slightest inclinations towards rolling or sitting. Oh well. My son is awesome. I'm happy.


  1. Evan's crawling techniques made me giggle! That's awesome, so proud of him!