Thursday, August 29, 2013

August 29, 2013

Might as well call my son Evan "Michael Phelps" Hudson. Evan has grown quite the obsession with the swimming pool. He loves staring at it and he loves splashing in it. He doesn't love drinking the water. Most of the time he stays in his little floatie/raft thing but sometimes we hold him so he can splash around more freely. Yes, he's only wearing a diaper.

He just started rolling and also scooting around a bit just a month ago. I'm super happy that he's learned these tricks, no matter how "late" he was. I don't think Evan's new physical therapist really knows how big these milestones are for him. We've only seen her twice and she's already talking about bracing and using a stander to build up Evan's leg strength and get him walking. I do think he'll walk, but I'm really not thinking it'll be any time soon. And I'm certainly not worrying about it right now. Look how awesome he's doing!

Another area we've seen huge progress is with his hands opening up. We got some little hand splints that go over his thumb and wrap around his wrist. The purpose is to open up his hands from their typical fisted position. He can self-feed bottles and pick up little pieces of food now. He loves food. Pretty much all foods.

We like having a fenced backyard and a tree in our front yard with shade. Oh, and the rocking chairs on the patio are nice to sit on while we watch the neighborhood happenings. Evan seems to love watching the cars drive by. It seems like every other car here is a truck which is even more exciting. We saw a little boy across the street and decided to go meet him. His name is Mark. He is just a couple months younger than Evan and was born really early and also stayed in the nicu a long time--much longer than us. We're gonna have some play dates with him soon. We've also made a few friends in the hallways at church--all the other noisy children--though they don't compare to Evan. He by far wins the award for loudest child at church in this ward.


  1. Those are beautiful and awesome milestones! I love that you are so pleased and are positive about him being the loudest child at church.

  2. I have to say I'm sitting here with big tears in my eyes, watching my favorite polliwog do his thing in the water. He continues to dazzle all of us and we're so grateful for his loving ma-ma and da-da who are always there their little guy. Today, the pool---tomorrow, the world!!