Thursday, October 10, 2013

Evan turns One!

There was a cake.

There were presents.

There were party hats and one balloon and a one dollar bill.

 There was a slight bit of fear.

And just a moment of hesitation until...

He learned how to eat cake like it was his job.

Happy Birthday Evan!

I had a lot of fun making Evan's cake. I used multiple cakes as my inspiration for it but I simplified them to my amateur ability level. Eventually there will be a link here to a little tutorial. 

We didn't mean for Evan to have so many presents. I really didn't think my child would be one of those know, the ones who are spoiled with so many toys that they don't even know how to play with them all. So much for that. But actually a lot of his presents were things we were going to get him anyway like long pants, long shirts, sippy cups, bowls...that kind of stuff. We spaced out the present opening during the day so he wouldn't get worn out. He was really good at unwrapping until we put on our party hats at night. He got really distracted by the four adults staring at him with strange things on our heads.

Evan loved his first experience with a balloon. People with spina bifida are more likely to develop a latex allergy so it's recommended we keep him away from all latex things...which means no latex balloons. (Not like infants should be playing with balloons anyway) Mylar balloons are safe but they're much more expensive so we just got one. He loved hitting it and shaking the string to make the balloon go up and down.

We didn't do much to celebrate during the day--just our routine speech therapy and playing with toys. I wanted to take him to the Python Ron reptile show at the library but he was sleeping so I left him with his daddy and went by myself. There was a bird-eating spider and several lizards and snakes. He even had a green anaconda that was several feet long.

Happy birthday Evan!

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