Friday, October 4, 2013

Punkin Patch

Last year Grandma Hudson tried to bring Evan a pumpkin in the NICU and they didn't allow it so he didn't get a pumpkin. Every day when I was shuttled to the family house from the hospital we passed by a pumpkin patch. I saw all the families going in and picking their perfect pumpkin to carve and I wanted so badly to just be a normal family going to the pumpkin patch to celebrate a normal Halloween. I hated the NICU.

It was like a year-long dream come true tonight as Evan, Isaiah, and I picked our perfect pumpkins at this ginormous pumpkin patch in Dixon, CA, home of the world's largest corn maze. It really was big. Really big. I loved every blustery second of it.


  1. love Evan's hairdo - and the minions!!!

  2. Oh my goodness. I LOVE these pictures. LOVE THEM! They're so precious. And seriously awesome hairdo, Evan! Pumpkin patches make the best memories. :)