Wednesday, June 18, 2014

3 Years and Counting

Last week was Isaiah's and my 3rd anniversary. It just so happened that my baseball team (the Nationals) was playing his team (the Giants) that night, so naturally we just had to go. Although attending the game was planned for months, just before leaving I went to print out our tickets and noticed they were for the night before and we had missed it. We had to buy new tickets but we were still able to attend. Evan joined us as a neutral team supporter, though he obviously cheered more for the Nats which gave them the win, thank you very much.

Guest Services gave him a "first-timer" certificate to commemorate his first time going to AT&T park.

The weather changed from 104 to 64 during he drive from Esparto to San Francisco and the wind was strong while walking around the stadium. We were lucky to have seats that were sheltered from the wind and we bundled up in hats and jackets and a blanket to keep warm.

Evan has finally reached the point where he is actually enjoyable to bring places rather than just a nuisance and inconvenience. He's even got special benefits like handicap parking which set us up for a quick escape after he game and he slept on the way home. I love my boys!

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  1. Go BASEBALL - delighted to know there is another fan of the sport out there. Your pictures look great. Glad Evan could have fun too. And Happy Anniversary.