Thursday, June 19, 2014

On Swimming and Strawberries and other Summer Things

Evan still loves swimming. And wearing hats. And one time we went to pick strawberries and discovered that he loves those, too. At least he liked one bite of each strawberry in the basket.

Picking strawberries has been on my bucket list for a long time. Every time I see pictures of other people doing it, it just appeals to something in me with the joy that comes from such simplicity. There's a U-Pick place between Woodland and Davis and we finally stopped by a few weeks ago. We were the only ones there. Evan sat in the dirt and ate berries. My fingernails got a little dirt in them. It was everything I dreamed it would be. The strawberries were soft and sweet. In comparison to most strawberries from the stores (I'm thinking, like, Costco) they were much more strawberry tasting. Go figure.

Evan and I still go on lots of walks in his fancy jogging stroller. Sometimes he plugs his ears and talks to himself. When it's windy and hair hasn't been cut in some time, the following results:

I actually gave him my first little boy hair cut two days ago. He was playing with the iPad along the ottoman and I just started snipping away. It could definitely be touched up a bit with the clippers but I did a pretty darn good job, I think.

Last thing--Evan is pretty much the poster child for all the therapy centers he's been a part of because he uses ALL of the therapies and has such a unique story. Unexpectedly a few months ago we were visited during his speech therapy session by a group of people from the local Yocha Dehe Wintun tribe. They had donated money to our new therapy center and were coming to collect information on the center for their annual community fund report. 
"Do you mind if we ask a few questions and get your picture for the report?"
Uh...sure! We just got a copy of the report. I didn't realize we would be so prominent! That's a full page, yo.

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