Saturday, September 13, 2014

Go Jaguars!

Nikki--this post is for you!!

First attempt:

Second attempt:

Third attempt:

Evan's running buddy, Nikki sent Evan a package with some very special gifts. He will now have to share his loyalties between the niners and the Jacksonville Jaguars. Dada said that's okay. Nikki found out how many miles it is from her house to ours (something like 2,800 miles). She is logging all of her running/biking miles until she reaches us. 

Evan's got a lot of work to do to keep up with Nikki. We strap him up with his elastic twisters and take walks to the mailbox and around the block to see the "big truck!" He also does really well walking around stores--I think it's because he's distracted and doesn't realize how hard he's working. His physical therapist recently set a goal for him to take two independent steps by December. We hope he can do it!!

Walker wheelies!*
*Note: I tried, on several attempts, to take pictures of Evan's wheelies, only to have him get distracted and stop doing it right when I pulled out the camera. This picture was taken immediately prior to his first and only wheelie FALL, onto his back and then onto his head. Thankfully the walker stopped him from falling straight onto the cement. He cried only a little bit. Still, a great picture.

We love Miss Rika, Evan's physical therapist. She comes to our home once a week and really motivates Evan with her peppy personality (and a little bit of iPad time). Evan is strengthening his quads/hamstrings with an exercise where he sits on a stool and then stands up to shoot a ball into a basket. She helped capture some of Evan's hard work the other day. The shaking camera is due to her excitement. The second and third videos belong together but were too long to send in one email. They give an idea of what it takes to keep Evan walking when he gets distracted.

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