Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Details, if you care to know more

The pictures on my camera revealed a few more details that I forgot over the past month. I love how so many of the pictures are Dada and Evan.

Isaiah's birthday started with a present for Evan from his running buddy, Nikki. It's a Stuffie. He calls it "Stuffie." Clever kid.

The family went out to eat at Cattleman's in Dixon. The waiters sang to Isaiah and he actually wore the hat for a while that night.

After dinner we took Maya and Evan to Candy Cane Lane in Vacaville. The street is lined with awesomely-decorated houses that you can walk or drive by. I recommend walking.

Costco chocolate cake and cheesy faces completed the evening.

Christmas morning...

Oh wait, that's last year. Exact same pajamas. Same crazy hair.

Dada got a back massage shirt that works as long as Evan stays focused driving his Hot Wheels around the streets.

Evan got two sweet new rides for Christmas--a plasma car and a pony.

When unpacking at our new house I went through all of Evan's baby clothes to sort and re-box them. He insisted on wearing this 18-month outfit all day long, including to the store.

Most of the time, Evan seems like a very clean child. If you leave a cabinet door open, he will close it. He will also close closest doors and turn off lights when you leave the room. Blinds should be closed. Hot Wheels belong in their Hot Wheels storage container. "Wash hands" is a common request.  For this reason, crafts are both really easy with Evan, and also fairly unsuccessful. He's definitely more concerned about the mess than I am.

He's more of the musical type. He plays the piano and reads the "hum bug" (hymn book) all the time.

He will also never turn down a chance to watch videos of his cousins on the computer. "Watch Baby Nuh-nuh-nor. Again. Now." Have I mentioned he's quite the chatterbox now?

It's been such a blessing that Dada gets to spend more time with us now. The new job allows him to sleep in a couple extra hours and come home by 4 pm. Dada has been working extra hard to help Evan walk around the house and climb up the stairs using the railing.

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  1. I will miss you guys :-( I guess I have been out if the loop... Evan is so special, his smile is contagious! I looked forward to seeing him at church.
    But, Congratulations on the new job, beautiful building, being close to the zoo, and a new chapter in your life. Love reading your Blog!