Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Two Bad Things about Spina Bifida

Isaiah got a new job.
Santa brought us fancy presents.
The children threw confetti at 7:45 pm on December 31 to celebrate the New Year and we all went to bed early.
We moved to Elk Grove.

That's our last month in a nutshell. Happy New Year!

Other details of note:

Isaiah works for CALSTRS in West Sacramento, about 30 minutes away. His office is the prettiest building downtown with the prettiest lawn that borders the Sacramento River and offers the perfect setting for picnic lunches with Dada. (Yes, we did that this last week after a quick trip to the zoo, which is now only 20 minutes away. Yay for being zoo members!)

The property manager who showed us the rental house of our dreams but didn't seem very excited about Evan running his walker into the walls actually let us move in! That was a miracle.

Evan's new nursery group at church is just 3 boys, including himself. Last week they did trains and music time and played with flashlights and shakers. They won him over quickly.

There's some quirky people and some quirky things about the house, but we love it here.

One of the worst things about moving is my first bad thing about spina bifida, and that's transferring all of Evan's services. It's been a huge blessing for Evan to have financial aid and therapy services, but having to move them--even just to a neighboring county--is a bit complicated.

I'll spare you most of the details, but to help you understand, it includes...
  • Informing Children's Therapy Center of move and canceling previous therapy services
  • Yolo County Regional Center service coordinator transferring our file to Sacramento County, and making referrals to therapy centers in Elk Grove.
  • Updating address with Yolo County Medi-Cal office so they can send our case to Sacramento County
  • Calling Partnerhsip Health Plan to become "special member status" until Sacramento picks up our Medi-Cal case
  • Updating address and housing costs with Social Security
  • Woodland Medical Therapy Unit transferring records to Sacramento County MTU for Evan's braces and twister cables
And that's not to mention all the normal moving procedures like forwarding your mail, updating your address for credit cards/banks, changing insurance, finding new primary care doctors, blah blah blah...

In the meantime, while all the professionals work out all the details with getting therapy started again, Evan and I are enjoying a little extra mother-son time at home and around the neighborhood.

Now here's the second bad thing about spina bifida. People with spina bifida are at higher risk of developing a latex allergy (due to exposure), so Evan is supposed to avoid latex. But how am I to explain that to him when he gets a yellow balloon in the mail from his great-grandma? So maybe I shouldn't have done this, but the laughs were totally worth it....just this once.


  1. Oh my goodness. Hearing that belly laugh bubble out of Evan makes me laugh. Love this!

  2. He's so cute! It's good to hear how you're all doing! Love you!

  3. it's fun to see what you guys are up to, that video of Evan is the sweetest. Those precious laughs

  4. Watched this twice with A and K. A loves it and laughs along with Evan. "Look, Evan lapping!"

  5. "Again!" I guess that says it all for Evan.