Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Aerospace Museum of California

We celebrated Free Museum Day at the Aerospace Museum of California which is at the McClellan Air Force Base in Sacramento. It reminded me of a few trips I've taken to the Hill Air Force Museum in Utah, checking out the B-47 bomber with Grandpa Garrett.

The standout for me was the Blue Angel. It's so small! I also loved how several of the planes had open cockpits so we could go inside or at least see inside. I don't think I had ever sat in the pilot's seat of an airplane before. It was pretty weird and I could barely see out the windows and I feel like I would be a terrible pilot. Evan, on the other hand, wouldn't leave the pilot's chair.

Isaiah enjoyed talking to a docent about the F-14D Tomcat on display. (F-14A is what was flown in Top Gun, if that means anything to you. It meant nothing to me.)

He was so focused! Don't tell him he's not really flying the plane.

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