Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Grandma and Grandpa in Sacramento

This can be confusing for a 2-year old...

One grandma...two grandmas!
Sometimes even I get weirded out when my Grandmas talk to each other. Two worlds colliding. Evan handled it well. He counts like, "Two. One, two. Two grandmas!" He was much more friendly with my parents than he has been in the past. We're slowly overcoming the stranger anxiety phase, thank goodness.

We spent the long, sunny weekend playing the piano, going to the park, feeding ducks and geese, going to the zoo, visiting the Sacramento temple, eating El Torito's and Thrifty's ice cream, walking around Old Sacramento, and playing lots of games. Evan is spoiled well-loved.

Two more adults means two times the picture-taking and the luxury of family pictures with all 3 of us. Yay!

Watching the giraffe feeding at the zoo

Evidently Evan did not inherit his dada's fear of snakes

London Bridges falling DOWN!

Evan is such a goofy smiler and was constantly telling Grandma, "Take picher," followed by, "See!" so he could look at himself. By the end of the week they could actually understand some of what he was saying. He also insisted on wearing his glasses and hat everywhere. And he loved performing for his grandparents.

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