Sunday, July 26, 2015

A Few Things of which I'm Proud

1. California does this "May is Bike Month" thing where people are encouraged to save the planet by biking around rather than driving. You can sign up online and log your miles and see how you rank among other bikers. I guess it's a big thing in the work place where different companies compete to have the most miles per employee. We live about 25 minutes (driving time) from Isaiah's workplace, but he is an awesome cyclist and was determined to find a way to bike to work in May. A few days each week in May he woke up early and drove to a place where he could hop on the American River bike trail and take the trail into work, where he could shower and get ready. He also had some extra rides after work or on the weekends. In total, he logged 1,069 miles of biking in May. Isn't he awesome?! His office won 1st place in logged miles in Yolo County.

2. My son is learning to ride a bike. Bike riding is a three-year old skill, you know.

Truth be told, he still kinda stinks at it. BUT--we didn't really think he'd be able to do it at all, and he can actually reach the pedals on his own and even pedal a few times in a row, so I see potential. It looks like Isaiah will have some competition.

3. Isaiah was also in charge of planning our ward Pioneer Day party for July 24. With his co-planners, they decided to make it a "Pie"-oneer Day event, complete with a pie bake-off.

Now I participate in a recipe group each month. I strategically suggested "Pies" to be the theme for July's recipe night (July 9) so I could really practice my pie-making skills and have a chance at winning the ward bake-off.

So I don't really like pies. I'm not a big fan of the slimy pie filling texture or the dry crusts. But I remember my Grandma Garrett making a yummy strawberry rhubarb pie each summer with rhubarb from her garden. It wasn't your typical gelatinous filling and had the perfect combination of sweet and tangy. I emailed her for the recipe and set out to make my first ever pie for the recipe exchange.

It was like a soup. Each "piece" of pie was a scoop of liquidy filling and soggy crust and, needless to say, it did not win any sort of award amongst my recipe enthusiasts. (Though I thought it tasted good and the crumb topping was TO-DIE-FOR)

Not ready to give up on Grandma's strawberry rhubarb pie, I did a little pie research and made a few small adjustments to the recipe (mainly adding instant tapioca to firm up the filling). And I, Jenna Hudson, won 1st place for "Best Pie" in the Judges' Choice category at our ward Pioneer Day pie bake-off!! I've never in my life won anything that requires a talent or skill, so I was completely shocked, though I shouldn't be. It was really Grandma Garrett who won it for me.

4. We just started a Family Home Evening series that aligns with the Primary song, "Follow the Prophet." ( Just two weeks ago we learned about Adam, the first prophet, and how he helped things to grow. Then we planted a little "garden."

Among my list of NOT-talents is gardening. I have the un-greenest thumb of anyone I know. I kill every plant I'm given. So this "garden" is a true test of faith and I'm counting on Evan to help it grow. (AND...I researched the most fool-proof plants.) The first week I sorta didn't water the plants at all and put it in direct sunlight almost all day. Nothing happened. I thought I killed the seeds. But then I moved it to shade and kept watering the dirt and a couple days ago I found some little sprouts! We've got some radishes and beets and maybe the tomatoes will even sprout someday. For Evan's sake I hope these little babies keep growing!!

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  1. My four-year-old has trouble pedaling, so that is amazing. Great job!