Monday, July 27, 2015

Tahoe 2015

For this summer's family campout Isaiah scored us a boat-in campground at Emerald Bay in Lake Tahoe. Although Emerald Bay is a super touristy place, you have to boat in to the actual campsites, and there are only 20 of them, so it clears out in the evening and things are quiet. Our intent was to have all of Isaiah's family come but we ended up with just his parents and Maya. And we tried to keep food and equipment simple, but, truth be told, we're comfort campers. We like our mattress pads, pillows, extra blankets, and real food. Between the 6 of us and our stuff, it took two trips in the boat to get to the campsite. From the cars to the campsite was about 20 minutes over the bluest water I've ever seen. When we arrived there were a few tricky logistical things to work out. Example 1-carrying all of our supplies from the dock to the campsite. We were glad the campsite had wheelbarrows to help with this process. Example 2-leaving the boat at a marked buoy and then getting back to shore. Isaiah made a strategic friendship with a fellow camper who had a kayak and offered to help retrieve Isaiah after the boat was parked. Finally we set up tents and got to the real fun.

While the kids built sand pies at our "private" beach, Grandpa barbecued hamburgers. A little while later we all sat around the campfire while the dutch oven peach cobbler cooked, and then we put the kiddos to bed once it started to get dark. Evan sang "I am a Child of God" to himself before falling asleep.

We had an early morning (it was hard to stay asleep once the sun was up) but it was relaxed with a nice morning campfire and hot chocolate with cinnamon rolls.

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