Thursday, October 1, 2015

October 1, 2015

We bought a house and moved. (That'll probably be a full blog post in the future)

Mama and Uncle Josh's b-day dinner at Pizza Bell
Evan turns 3 next week and starts preschool the week after. (This may also become a full blog post...once I've accepted it)

We put our Halloween decorations out today and we've got Evan's Halloween costume ready. It rained yesterday for the first time in forever and it finally feels like fall in Sacramento, including the bags and bags of leaves we've raked from the backyard. We're making final preparations for Evan turning 3. Presents bought, party planned, updating immunizations for preschool...

Baby Hudson #2 is fighting to be just as spoiled as Evan was. He is getting a full nursery make-over by Mama and Dada. Our overly-generous friends are making sure he has all the toys a baby could ever want. We've already been given his first pack of diapers.

Baby also seems to want to follow the Hudson trend of abnormality. When I met with my doctor a few weeks after our gender ultrasound she asked, "Has anyone called you about your ultrasound results?" "No." "Well, first of all, it's nothing major..."

Oh boy. This is starting to feel familiar.

To make a long story short, there were two not-so-interesting findings from the ultrasound that resulted in a Level II ultrasound which confirmed there was nothing very interesting going on. For now Baby just has a big head, which obviously is nothing new for us. It's not hydrocephalus big, just Hudson big. We'll count it a blessing that I'm required to have a c-section. We're 2 months from little man and his big head joining our family. If you want to know his name, try asking Evan. He's got some good ideas.

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