Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Happy Baby

Seth has chosen a really good time to stop being the grumpiest baby on the planet. I had developed anxiety while driving--particularly when I got to red lights--from hearing his crying and not being able to stop it. Even when he wasn't in the car I would pull up to a red light and expect to hear him wail because crying and driving had become synonymous for me. I haven't done anything differently but we've now had about a week where he is actually content while driving (most of the time). It's quiet in the car now and it's amazing.

This Friday we have the blessed opportunity of driving to San Francisco during the morning commute to make it to UCSF for testing and spina bifida clinic at 8:45. I still don't think it'll be the smoothest drive ever, but I don't dread being with Seth in the car anymore so I have confidence I'll be able to make the trip without losing my mind.

It's incredible how much more I like being Seth's mama when he's not crying and upset all the time. He's earned his way into more pictures. Bet you didn't know he has a dimple! It's all the more cute because you have to work hard for him to show it to you.

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