Friday, April 29, 2016

Uncle Nate's Wedding

Evan has been excited for our trip to Utah for many reasons--the airplane, going to Grandma and Grandpa's house, seeing cousins--not to mention seeing the SALT LAKE TEMPLE!! The hugest, hugest temple as high as the sky! I wanted to get a good picture of Evan in front of the temple for his bedroom. I also had visions of family pictures with my boys in their matching wedding outfits, smiling.

Evan and Seth were left with Caitlyn's siblings during the ceremony. The ceremony was special for me since it was the first and only marriage I've been to since my own, 5 years ago. Seth had been a little grumpy while we were gone (this was expected), and quickly fell asleep in Isaiah's arms when we came back. We got a good walk around the temple and to the fountains with Evan while waiting for Nate and Caitlyn to come out. I'm pretty sure the temple was everything he wished for. We kept reinforcing how cool it was and how tall it was and Wow! Look at the water! And do you see the Angel Moroni on top? It's so big! This is the real Salt Lake Temple, just like in your pictures in your room! What's your favorite part? You got to touch the temple, wow! This is so awesome!

Unfortunately, after the thrill of finally seeing the SALT LAKE TEMPLE!!, family picture time and Evan's meltdown ended up coexisting. He crashed fast and we had to call it quits and get home before all of Temple Square felt his fury. I feel badly that Nate and Caitlyn never got a picture with all of the family together but, with 5 grandkids ages 3 and under, it probably would've been a miracle if they had.

 Right about here is where both boys lost it.

This is the closest we got to Evan and the Salt Lake Temple

A few days later we went to the Mount Timpanogos temple which was a bit more positive in the picture-taking department. Evan is the teeny guy holding his arms out on the bench.

The non-wedding parts of our trip were also fun, including meeting my new sister-in-law for a whopping two hours or so. I was a bit ashamed when a couple people asked me questions about her and I couldn't answer them. Caitlyn, come visit us so we can get to know you better. I also met a nephew I've never met in person before. I love how much I can love my nieces and nephew even though I've barely spent any time with them. The same goes for their relationships with each other. They're instant friends and it was so fun seeing them play with each other.


  1. I love your sweet little guys! We had so much fun being with all of you and seeing the children interact in person. Makes my heart happy.

    Family pictures were a lost cause from the get-go with all the tired littles. We'll have to try at reunion sometime when everyone is fresh, and we'll have the new babies and Austin to boot.

  2. I'm glad Evan enjoyed the Mt T temple----because that's where Mama and Daddy were sealed by his precious Great Grandpa