Tuesday, July 31, 2012

SF Day 1

What did I learn today?

Baby Hudson's lesion is L3/L4.
Baby Hudson's ventricles are 17mm.
Baby Hudson still has 2 clubbed feet.
Baby Hudson can move his legs above the knee.
Statistics change depending on which doctor you talk to.
Statistics will not determine our decision to do fetal surgery because statistics do not clearly show if someone should or should not do fetal surgery.
Isaiah is the best husband.


  1. Yay Isaiah! We're praying for all 3 of you. You guys are so strong and so amazing!

  2. Jenna I've been thinking and praying for you, Isaiah and the littlest Hudson. I read your news a couple weeks ago and you are in my prayers. It's amazing all that you're doing!

  3. I'm glad that you're in San Francisco. They took such good care of me, and they will take good care of you too! Hurray for movement in his legs!!! Go Baby Hudson. You've got a lot of cheerleaders.