Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Summer Vacation and Updates

Last week we took our first family vacation to visit the Hudsons in Northern California. The airport and plane ride were surprisingly manageable since we didn't have to take a stroller or car seat. (Maya had spare ones that she let Evan borrow.) We enjoyed a little bit of sunshine, a little bit of rain, a little bit of pool time, and a little bit of Target. We even managed to get the ENTIRE family playing a game together. Success. The only tragedy was I didn't use my camera at all so these are all iPhone pictures.

2nd plane ride ever 
After-pool robe and corn on the cob with Daddy 
Maya's tour of one of her favorite places on Earth
Family Game Night (no TV for a change!)
One highlight of the trip was watching Hudson family videos from Isaiah's 9th birthday. It was pretty much the worst birthday ever. I don't suggest asking Isaiah about it.

Another treat was going with Isaiah, Sarah, and Papa Hudson to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom while Grandma Hudson and Maya took care of Evan. It's like a zoo and an amusement park mixed into one venue. It was nice to hit a few rides rides and then watch dolphin, tiger, and elephant shows while waiting for our stomachs to catch up with us. Then we hit some more rides. The roller coasters were bigger than I expected and I loved them. It also helped that it was sprinkling all day so there weren't many people at the park and the lines were excellent! I think I'd vote Superman as my favorite ride since it was so unexpected and unique. Isaiah loved the wooden roller coaster. Evan loved scarfing down an entire jar of sweet potatoes while we were gone. Lest his pictures deceive you, he continues to be an excellent eater.

While driving to the Oakland airport on our way home I stared across the bay towards San Francisco for a long time. I was glad there were two massive bridges distancing me from there. I almost feel scared to go there, like I would get stuck there for a long time again or something. I don't really know how I feel about that place. It was such a terrible time brought on by us having such high hopes for our son's future. It also resulted in such a good thing--our baby. A year ago when we were preparing for fetal surgery, who'd have thought we'd be in such a great place, developmentally, with Evan right now?

At 8 1/2ish months, Evan can get up on his hands and knees. He can sit, unassisted, for a few seconds at a time. He rolls from back to side and apparently also from tummy to back while in his crib (though I've never seen it--I've just found him on his back in the middle of the night). He can hold a spoon to feed himself. He can grab things that are held up in front of him but not quite if they are on the ground in front of him. He is very expressive, with smiles when he's feeling flirty and high-pitched squeals when he doesn't get what he wants quickly enough. He hits the high chair table with his hands in between spoonfuls to let me know he wants more. He kicks his legs behind him while laying on his tummy. He doesn't cry anymore when we sneeze or blow our noses or slide our chairs on the ground. He has 5 teeth that have come in a very random order. He's still missing one of the top middle teeth. I guess it's a hole for his thumb which he's learned to suck. He talks a lot, most saying "Dada."


  1. That pool picture is ridiculously cute. Where did you get the sunglasses?

    Love the mental picture of those fat paws smacking the tray asking for more food. Video, please!

    Evan, Aunt Tasha loooooves you! Tell your mommy to give you lots of kisses and cheek munches from Aisley and me!

  2. Sunglasses are from Target. We've been trying to get a good video of him eating but, as I'm sure you've experienced, Evan tends to act differently when the camera is in sight. But I'll post one soon, I promise!