Monday, July 22, 2013

It's a Boy!

Okay, so we're a little disappointed the royal baby is a boy as Evan was hoping for a princess who could become his future Mrs. Hudson. I guess I'll just have to have a baby girl who I can raise up as a princess of my own. I've thought it would be cool (mostly for purposes of awareness) if the royal baby had spina bifida or some other special needs condition. It made me start thinking about famous people with spina bifida, or even celebrities who have children with spina bifida. I really haven't heard of that much. Today I researched it a little bit and found very few examples.

For me, the only interesting famous person I found with spina bifida is Roald Dahl. Frustrated by his long-time struggle with hydrocephalus, Dahl worked with medical experts to develop the Wade-Dahl-Till (WDT) valve to alleviate the condition. With the improvements in shunts this valve has become obsolete, but it's pretty cool to me that he was influential in this.

There are only a small handful of celebrities who have children with disabilities (at least from what I can find). I wonder why this is. Maybe because celebrities have fewer children? Maybe because these children are aborted? I think it'd be great to have a method of bringing widespread awareness of spina bifida--or any special needs condition--to the public such as having a celebrity who can advocate for their child and the condition.

Today I got a tour of a nearby city where there are actually grocery and shopping stores. It's only half an hour to anything you want--but it's also half an hour to anything you want. We better start saving up our pennies for some gas! We'll also have to learn the tricks of making shopping lists so we don't have to "go into town" too frequently each week.

Maya, helpful as ever
Cousins shopping at Costco

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