Friday, July 5, 2013


I just got a call from an RN with our insurance company (which is not even our insurance company anymore...more on that later). She was calling to let me know about the service they offer to answer any questions I might have. Right away I could tell she knew nothing about my child.
" he doing ok? I see he was born a little premature."
I'm thinking, "Yeah...prematurity was the least of our concerns but thanks for asking."
Well it finally came up that Evan has spina bifida and she seriously asked me...get ready for this...

"Is he taking any medication for that or how are you treating it?"


Is she seriously a registered nurse who thinks spina bifida can be treated?! Let alone treated with medication?!

Now I think I am fairly understanding of ignorant people--let's face it, I was totally ignorant before I found out about Evan--but a registered nurse who thinks she can answer my questions when she thinks spina bifida can treated with medicine? If only nerve damage and extra fluid in the brain was that easy to fix. Thank you Miss Nurse, but I won't be needing your services.

End rant.

Now, why are we switching insurance companies? Because we're switching jobs. Why are we switching jobs? Because Isaiah found one that is a good opportunity for our family. Where? California.

We're moving on July 19th.

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  1. Nursing school is hard, right? So why did I have a nurse tell me that a tendency for identical twins could be passed through the male line because that was when 2 sperm fertilized 1 egg. And then we argued about it and agreed to disagree. She worked at my obgyn in Seattle. I wondered if she had taken 7th grade health.