Tuesday, September 25, 2012

All My Friends

Every Thursday I go to a materni-"tea" party where all the antepartum patients get together to chat and bond. We all have different reasons for being hospitalized but we can all relate with how much it stinks to be here long term in the hospital. It's funny to listen to the new girls say, "I've been here ONE WEEK!" "I've been here EIGHT DAYS!"...and then they ask me how long I've been here.

"7 1/2 weeks"

"Oh...we'll stop complaining now."

For the past few weeks I've become friends with 2 ladies who have been here about a month now. Today we all arranged to go together to the "Making Memories" scrapbook group put on by the Family Support Group at the hospital. They provide memory books and all the scrapbook supplies you can imagine and they let you print out pictures. Obviously I don't have any pictures of Baby Hudson yet but I got an ultrasound picture of his face and put it onto his first scrapbook page today. The girls made fun of me because my pages were looking a little girly so I added some stickers of dirt and tractors to make it look a little more masculine.

We were also invited to a dinner for the parents of children who are patients at the hospital. We're sort of the exceptions to the rule since we're more of the patients than our children, but we felt like we deserved it too so we went. They served Mexican food and fruit and brownies and cookies. I think it tasted especially good because it was different than the weekly menu food and we especially enjoyed our time there because it was different than our hospital rooms. It's nice to make friends and do some relatively normal things again.

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