Sunday, September 9, 2012

Week with Aunt Rachel

Aunt Rachel (my mom's sister who, by the way, sings in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir) came out to spend time with me this last week. She was told by my husband that it's actually okay to leave me alone for a little while to have some fun of her own so she took advantage of that and went exploring in the city. I was concerned about her coming back each night. She had never been to San Francisco before and she didn't have a smart phone to GPS her way home if she got lost. Fortunately she always managed to return safely. She said she had a good time (although she felt badly telling me she had SO much fun while I sat in bed) and I think she actually learned some new things. Here's a summary:

What Aunt Rachel did in San Francisco:
  • Chinatown
  • Farmer's market
  • Golden Gate Bridge
  • Pier 39
  • Fisherman's Wharf
  • Public transportation (I won't mention the one time she took the right metro in the wrong direction...)
  • Shopping downtown
What Aunt Rachel learned in San Francisco:
  • Taking a shuttle with people who don't speak English can be fun 
  • Sharing a bathroom with strange men who don't speak English can be even more fun
  • Riding 84 mph in a taxi with a man who looks like a terrorist and speaks mumbled English into a little mouthpiece is the most fun of all
  • Her new favorite food food!
  • Hospitals are not as sanitary as Aunt Rachel's house

Thanks for spending this week with me, Aunt Rachel! Not only did it ease my mother's conscience to know someone was here for me in case of emergency, but it also helped keep my mind off the fact that I've sat in the same hospital bed for 5 weeks straight. Thanks for doing my laundry, thanks for re-arranging my cards and flowers, thanks for letting me win Fill or Bust, thanks for wheeling me to the 6th floor and even to the 1st floor, thanks for buying me clothes that fit (even though I don't mind wearing Isaiah's clothes), thanks for painting my toenails "Giants" orange, thanks for the salted caramel chocolate cake and the tasty pizza, thanks for your support!

Aunt Rachel picked up some construction paper and helped me make a countdown until Baby Hudson's appearance. It doesn't look THAT long, does it?

Someone (who will remain unmentioned) painted my toes a "granny color" so Aunt Rachel gave me a fresh update


  1. Go Giants! Great color choice!

  2. How nice of Aunt Rachel!!! I want to know who did your nails the granny color :) And no, that chain actually looks pretty darn short, so exciting! Sounds like you're staying uber positive and have tons of support! You're looking fantastic and you're in my prayers.I don't have any other experience than boys, but after my little guy, I wouldn't mind a litter of all little boys...they are so much fun! We might be going up to Walnut Creek the first weekend of October to see some of Steve's family, so if we do, we'll definitely stop by!