Sunday, September 16, 2012

Isaiah's Hospital Stay

I'm not the kind of girl who posts on Facebook about how she has the best husband ever and how much she loves him, so I post it here on my blog instead. Isaiah will probably hate this post, but let's be honest--I have the best husband in the whole world and I love him so much!

I haven't seen Isaiah since the week of my surgery 5 weeks ago, which is MUCH too long to go without seeing one's husband or wife. I've been fortunate to have visitors regularly but I think Isaiah has been a little lonely in Provo so it was good for him to spend some time with me this weekend.

Isaiah and I got married last year because we figured out that we're better together than we are apart. It's been really tough to be away from him for what seems like forever. First of all I'm grateful to know there's only 3 more weeks until we'll be together again. It's even better to know that when we're together again it will be all 3 of us. Most importantly, though, I'm grateful to know I'm married to Isaiah for eternity so even though we're experiencing a few tough weeks of physical separation we're going to have each other forever. And ever.

Evidence that Isaiah loves me:
He slept on the pull-out chair to the side of my bed for 4 nights.
He put up with the hospital food for 4 days.
He filled my water bottle regularly.
He pushed me to the 6th floor patio and let me catch snails.
He brought me a new puzzle.
He ordered me (us) pizza to accompany our football marathon on Saturday.

He just HAD to know how I've felt for the past 6 weeks
My nurse didn't seem to mind that we squished together on the bed
Me and my snail

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  1. I thought Isaiah got a haircut and looked nice. Everyone seemed to have a happy attitude, even when Jenna (and the "cookie") were wiping Sarah (Isaiah's sister) and Isaiah at cards---Phase 10!!