Friday, February 15, 2013

February 15, 2013

Looking back through our pictures I'm surprised by the oxygen on Evan's face. I mean, I obviously knew he had oxygen on and I obviously knew we trailed tubes everywhere we went, but I guess I didn't see the oxygen. It's strange to think that it was really on his face for 3 months. Here's his oxygen-free face.

Loving his baby bean bag
Most of the time I call Evan "Bug." It was quite fitting, then, when Santa gave Evan a bug hand-puppet. (3 body parts and 8 legs--spider or insect?). Evan must have some sort of connection with Buggy, as Buggy seems to bring out the best of our little man's vocabulary. Of course Evan gets his chatterbox gene from his Daddy. And yes, I realize this video will mostly only be interesting to myself, Isaiah, and Evan's grandmas.

We received an itemized bill from UCSF yesterday and, true to the nurses' words, Evan is a million dollar baby (and some). We get frustrated with the bills we have to pay but then we realize how fortunate we are when we see: "Total Expenses: $690,754.61 You Owe: $0.00", "Total Expenses: $466,102.79 You Owe: $0.00." Sorry, America, for your jacked-up insurance premiums. And thank you.

Evan and I send Daddy pictures or videos while he's at work. They contain the unprofessional, iPad quality pictures of our daily monotony (which I honestly love, I might add). This video shows our most recent attempt to get Evan to play with his toys. To say Evan reaches for toys is really an exaggeration of him flailing his arms and just happening to hit the toy in front of his face. But he does kick his legs like a rockstar. He also sunsets his eyes pretty well which makes him look slightly deranged at times. You'll notice it in the video and the picture below. It probably has to do with the pressure in his brain and we should probably ask about it at our next doctor visit.

Notice the white above the iris? That is sunsetting.
Ok, so he's not sunsetting in this picture. He just looks crazy anyway.
Speaking of doctor visits, we didn't have ANY this week, which may be the first time that's happened since...well...EVER.

Since I send Isaiah pictures while he's at work, sometimes he sends me pictures while I'm at work. Here's what I got yesterday with the message "Daddy is sooo mean".

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