Sunday, February 24, 2013

SB Clinic

Evan had his routine Spina Bifida Clinic at Primary Children's on Friday. After he gets all his measurements done we stay in a room and all the doctors rotate around to us.

Physical Therapy: Evan's head control is improving immensely since our last visit and since his shunt placement. I pointed out how Evan tends to fist his hands and keep his arms tight around his face like a newborn. We worked on a rolling technique that straightens and strengthens his arms to encourage him out of that "W" pattern.

Neurosurgery: Evan's three shunt wounds have all healed nicely. His fontanelle is not bulging. His behavior is normal so the shunt seems to be working. Yay!

Neurology: Dr. Kerr checked Evan's arm tone and overall behavior to evaluate if his tight fists seem to be caused by a neurological condition. As I suspected, she thinks he's fine. I (in my professional mother opinion) think it's just a slight developmental delay that he'll soon outgrow.

Urology: We still don't cath Evan and he hasn't had any UTI's so we're not going to change anything in that area. We will attempt another bladder study in June along with a renal ultrasound (kidneys) to make sure everything is healthy down there.

Dietetics: Evan is progressing nicely on his growth charts at a healthy 17 1/2 pounds. We will slowly transition him to formula to make sure his body can digest it well. So far he doesn't seem to notice the difference between the formula and breast milk bottles.

Occupational Therapy: We continued to work on Evan's arms and hands. Evan practiced holding his head up while he is on his tummy. Usually this looks like push-ups because his head only stays up for a second or so. I knew he liked the OT when he showed off by holding his head up for about 15 seconds. She was impressed. Evan is such a ladies man.

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