Friday, February 8, 2013

Goodbye Oxygen!

BEST. NEWS. EVER. I hardly knew what to say when the nurse called and said the results were normal. Normal? What does that mean? Well in this case it means no more oxygen!

Unfortunately the bladder study didn't go so well, but not because Evan's bladder looked bad. The doctor actually didn't get a chance to see Evan's bladder because once the catheter went inside Evan turned into Mr. Grumpy Pants who turned into Mr. Screamy Pants. It was not a pretty sight in the doctor's office. Nothing consoled him until the catheter was pulled out and he was in my arms. Then in an instant the tears stopped. We'll put off the study til next month and still not cath him for now.


  1. What joy! Time for the two friends, Ben and Evan, to say goodbye. Ben has been the best----now he'll help someone else. Please post some some "Ben-less" photos of our little champ. Love you Ev.

  2. Hi,
    I just saw you had my little guy's blog (Andrew' Journey) on your site. Thank you so much! I just read your beautiful story. Evan is gorgeous and so tough! I'm so happy to read he is off the Oxygen. We felt truly disconnected from the hospital once we were off that. He was finally our baby without any of the wires.

    1. Kelly, I hope you don't mind me sharing your link. I just got caught up with your story and you've got quite the adventure going on right now! Good luck with everything! I love having some more experienced SB moms to follow.

    2. No I love it! I added yours to mine too!